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Ladder Light

Ladder Light

  • $450.00

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Ladder Light replaces existing ladder end caps with a solution that illuminates the departure zone and acts as a beacon for firefighters and victims. They’re designed to work seamlessly with existing ladders and procedures and have been tested to perform in any conditions.

Models Available

DS-325 - For use with 3.25" Rail Duo-Safety Ladders

DS-375 - For use with 3.75" Rail Duo-Safety Ladders

Identify ladder location quickly.

An array of strobing green beacon lights increase visibility in smoke, darkness, and flames.

Illuminates a safe path to depature.

A high-intensity white LED adds visibility to the departure area so you can step safely.

Integrates with existing ladders.

End caps fit seamlessly and install in minutes without disruption to ladder functionality. No additional parts or risky protrusions.

Turns on automatically

No extra buttons or steps-lights activate during ladder operations and turn off to preserve battery life during storage and transport.


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