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InnoTex Energy Turn Out Gear



Being a firefighter is demanding. You intervene in all sorts of situations, some involving extremely high risks. It requires determination, rigorous training . . . and certainly passion. At INNOTEX®, we understand.

We therefore proudly introduce the INNOTEX ENERGY™, our newest NFPA 1971 Turnout Gear.

Why do we call it the INNOTEX ENERGY™? Because its unique combination of design and construction innovations enhances mobility and evaporative cooling. That means you expend less energy fighting your gear and heat stress ... and have more energy for doing what firefighters do best: fighting fires and saving lives.

During the development of the INNOTEX ENERGY™, we followed four guiding principles:

  • Protection without comprise
  • Comfort like you’ve never experienced before
  • Increased Durability
  • Greater UsefulnessSee

Our thanks go to the many firefighters and professionals in the fire service who advised and guided us during our development of the INNOTEX ENERGY™.

It’s yours to discover now.

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