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Footmans Strap

Footmans Strap

Fire Hooks Unlimited

  • $20.00

Footmans Strap

Holds 2-1/2" hose fold-up's like the FDNY uses for High Rise Operations. Can also be used for holding or handling various types of equipment such as electrical cords and other applications. This 2" yellow strap with 12 inch velcro closure makes fold-up's of 2-1/2" line a must for carrying over the shoulder.

Upgrade Available to a System

A mount strap system designed for holding FDNY 2-1/2" fold-up's on fenders of pumpers. Can hold various types of extinguishers, air pack bottles, and more! A 2" straps is used with our two footman brackets and drill tap screws. This allows you to mount equipment almost anywhere with little space used. Has a 12-inch velcro closure for holding strength.

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