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Cestus DM Hybrid Gloves

Cestus DM Hybrid Gloves


  • $72.95

DM Hybrid Search and Rescue Gloves

Dangers on mining and excavation sites range from falling rock and debris to heavy machinery hazards, which led to the development of the unrivaled DM Hybrid™.

Flexible Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) on back of fingers down to the fingertips, thumb, metacarpals and wrist bone protect from lacerations, abrasion and impacts, with additional hard-shell Polycarbonate armament on the knuckles. The one-piece, silicone Ripple-Grip™ palm maximizes gripping power on wet or dry surfaces, while Hexagonal Memory Gel® padding in the palm absorbs vibrations from machinery and power tools.

  • Polycarbonate Knuckles: Adds extra protection for knuckles in a high-impact area.
  • Flexible TPR: Adds impact protection for back of fingers and thumb, metacarpals and carpals without sacrificing flexibility.
  • One piece, Enhanced Synthetic Leather: Increases durability on the back of the glove.
  • Ripple Grip®: Cestus®-exclusive grip that maximizes grip control on slick or dry surfaces.
  • Hi-Vis Color and Reflective Striping: Adds hand visibility for low-light or hazardous situations.

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