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Auto Rescue Kit

Auto Rescue Kit

Fire Hooks Unlimited

  • $22.00


The ideal tools for firefighter, EMS workers or police officers. The AUTO RESCUE KIT comes complete with some essential "thru-the-lock" tools, as well as a window punch. So whether you are at an auto accident or looking to access a door, The AUTO RESCUE KIT will assist the user in gaining entry. The AUTO RESCUE KIT is small and fits in turnout gear pockets without the bulk of other tools. 

The The AUTO RESCUE KIT comes complete with the following components:

  • Kerry Key or "Trunk Key" for accessing vehicle locks and lock assemblies
  • Shove Knife for defeating the door latch
  • Spring Loaded Window Punch
  • Seat Belt Cutter

All components secured on a split ring. These can be placed in firefighter pocket, attached to outside of turnout gear, kept in glove compartment of police car or in tool box, etc.

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